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Cheyenne is an amazing and reputable trainer whose services are not only exceptional but also very reasonably priced. She is always on time and flexible with scheduling. Cheyenne has been working with my dog Jäger and I since he was 8 weeks old and we are glad to be continuing training at 6 months now! I’m very happy to have gone with such a knowledgeable and personable trainer and look forward to Jäger and I learning many new things together with the help of Cheyenne!


Cheyenne is so professional and knowledge about dogs. With her help our Aussie shepherd puppy is well behaved on a leash, knows basic commands and we have so many positive ways to burn off her energy!
Loved Cheyenne’s training so much, we started our 10 year old lab on some training and have already seen our old dog learn new tricks!! Not to mention walking her for the first time without her pulling me down the street!!


We love Cheyenne! She uses a blended approach and believes that dogs need to experience success a lot. She has taught us how to break everything down to components our dog can manage one step at a time. He used to race us out the front door when we took him for walks. Now he quietly sits until we signal that it is time to go. He goes to his bed when someone is at the door and waits. I can even put my makeup on now without him pulling it off the counter and running away with it. Bear is a 50 lb 6 month old St Bernard/Bernese Mtn dog so we knew we needed him to be trained. Cheyenne is well trained herself and always offers us lots of encouragement. We just finished the Puppy Manners class and are looking forward to Obedience 1.

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